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As one of the most favoured non-bank lenders in Australia, we’re committed to making money happen for you and your clients. But what is it that makes our product stand out from the rest? Let’s break it down.

1. We offer tailored solutions to suit your clients

Banks are big businesses that are tied to regulations that often don’t affect smaller, non-bank lenders like us. This gives us a certain versatility when it comes to providing loan solutions, one that allows us to tailor competitive loan solutions to suit you and your client’s individual circumstances.

2. We value speedy service as much as you do

34 minutes. That’s the average time it takes for us to get in contact with your client after we’ve received an application form. 48 hours is the average time is takes to fund a loan, and pay you – the broker. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, and it’s because of this, that maintain impressive repeat business statistics, with 50% of Business Fuel Clients coming back for a second loan.

3. We’re easy to deal with

We know you wouldn’t want to deal with us if we didn’t make the whole process fast, simple and effective. That’s why we’ve removed lots of the red tape around loan applications, and only require the important things. Meaning less documents for you and your clients, and more dealing directly with the people who make the decisions.

4. We give you full access to your client’s progress

Part of our commitment to providing a fast, simple and effective loan solution is our new brokers portal. In it, you can run real time reporting and keep track of your client’s application progress.

The best partnerships are mutually beneficial ones. So, regardless of whether you already work with us, or if you have yet to discover the flexible solutions that Business Fuel offers, make sure your lending partners are ticking all of the above boxes.