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We’re backing Aussie businesses with the support of one of our key industry partners CRiskCo. Now more than ever business operators need to be able to make quick informed decisions especially when it comes to managing credit risk. In a competitive space such as ours, delivering a smooth customer experience is paramount. To maintain consistency in this regard requires the latest technology from a trusted provider.  This this is where the decision to partner with CRiskCo was made easily based on their track history in market leading AI credit risk technology.

Committed to providing a faster, simpler and better customer service experience, CRiskCo’s risk assessment technology is helping Business Fuel reduce their processing times and the time clients must spend completing forms, scanning and uploading, emailing and faxing forms and documents. Using CRiskCo’s platform removes the need for SMEs to upload complicated financial and at the same time allows the lender to receive an accurate picture of a business’ strengths and weaknesses to enable a quicker decision.

Kasia from CRiskco with Business Fuel’s CEO

CRiskCo’s digital platform introduces “open accounting” which empowers lenders and clients, the ability to automatically connect their accounting system safely and securely for faster risk assessment and enhanced customer service experience.

 CRiskCo has a mission to allow easier and simple access to credit for more SMBs as they are the engine room of the economy. They empower lenders such as ourselves to have complete credit risk control and real-time visibility into the health of their SMEs’ loan books. CRiskCo has revolutionised the extraction of data and they use advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights and predictions related to the company financials and customer risk.

They have solutions for both lenders and borrowers and can integrate with all major accounting systems and provide a highly secure platform. For further information and opportunities to partner with CRiskCo, contact Kasia at kasia@criskco.com or 0402 193 810.