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The beginning of each new year brings with it the opportunity to do things bigger and better than you did the previous – in other words, an opportunity to ‘Go Beyond’. This was also the central theme to FBAA’s Annual National Industry Conference, held in late November.

In the spirit of growth and in support of our industry peers, Business Fuel joined more than 900 industry professionals from across Australia at Gold Coast’s Sea World Conference Centre to cover off topics including everything from pushing past personal weaknesses, benchmarking for success, physical and mental health impacts on businesses, and how technology is changing the game when it comes to loan writing.

With more than 12 years of experience lending to Australian businesses, Business Fuel CEO, Wade Doblo, knows the importance of connection, collaboration and support within the industry.

“The opportunity to get face-to-face with brokers and loan writers from across Australia is both a unique and invaluable experience. We all have a role in helping elevate Australian businesses, and the more we can collaborate, the better we understand one another and can guarantee successful outcomes for our clients.”

With better and faster access to cash, Business Fuel is committed to being an industry-leading lender for Australian businesses, but beyond that a trusted partner for both entrepreneurs and brokers. Using online application, we’ve made the path to a loan as streamlined as possible, with guaranteed access to capital within 48 hours or less, once approved.

“In my mind, there are two key variables to any business’s success – people and access to liquid capital. Crafting a trustworthy and committed team who really understand our clients’ needs helps Business Fuel build authentic and sustainable relationships with each business owner we lend to. In 2018, we know that a brand or company’s ability to satisfy emotional needs as well as their utility needs is imperative – it’s about creating that human connection.”

Here’s to a prosperous 2018!