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To register as a Broker Partner with Business Fuel is a fast and easy process. Visit the broker registration page and use the form to apply. You’ll need your contact information, company information, Australian Credit License status (and number if applicable).

Once you have received your account credientials you can login to the portal at here.

Portal Login

Portal Dashboard

Once you log in using your email address and password you see the portal dashboard. As a new broker you will want to start by getting loan deals into the system.

  1. Quick Quote
    See if your loan deal stacks up fast with a quick quote. You can convert a quote to an application and we’ll carry over the information you have already entered.
  2. New Application
    If you want to get straight into an application, use the ‘Add client’ button to get started.
  3. Application History
    See all of the loan applications you have created for you clients by clicking on the ‘Applications’ card.
The broker dashboard

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Create a Quick Quote

The fastest way to find out if your loan deal stacks up is to start a new Quick Quote. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button in the ‘New Loan Quick Quote’ card on the portal dashboard.

quick quote example

Once you’ve entered the details into the simple form, you’ll see how much your client could be approved for. Simply click ‘Apply Now’ to convert this quick quote into an application.

Loan Application Part 1

When a broker partner creates a new loan application or converts a quote to an application, they’ll need add their client’s details (some details will carry over from the quote).

Broker Flow ID: if you have set up your own account with the bank statement provider, the bank statement collection process can run through your account instead of Business Fuel’s.

When you click the ‘Continue’ button the initial application will be submitted through to the Business Fuel team and you can stop at this point. To fast track your application and get your client funded as soon as possible we recommend you complete the second screen of the application.

Convert quote to application or new application

Loan Application Part 2

Once you have completed the ‘New Application’ page you have given Business Fuel enough information to get started, but you can speed up the application process by completing the ‘Borrower Details’ section.

Some of the details will already be filled in if your client has had a loan with us before and/or you have converted a ‘Quick Quote’ into an application.

Borrower details page in a loan application

Application Received – Bank Statements

You’ll get a confirmation that the application has been received, and instructions about next steps regarding bank statements depending on the options you choose earlier in the application.

Application received and bank statements link

Your client will be sent an email from us with a link to Bank Statements for income verification. When they click on the Bank Statements link, they’ll be able choose their bank and enable read only access for Bank Statements to retrieve transaction history for the loan application assessment.

This step of the process can only be done by loan applicant, not the broker partner.

broker portal bank statements page

Reviewing Application Progress

You can review the progress of loan applications from your broker portal dashboard at any time. Simply click on the ‘Applications’ card to see table of all your applications and then click on an application to see it’s full details.

Applicaiton history view in the broker portal

Reviewing Quote History

You can review a list of past quotes and you can click on a quote to convert it to an application.

Quote history in the broker portal