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Why Your Small Business Needs to Set Up a Google My Business

Published 13 Feb, 2019 

With “Google” now listed as a verb in the Oxford Dictionary, it’s impossible to deny the search engine’s value and astronomical popularity. But what’s that got to do with your small business?

A seemingly innocuous Google My Business listing that boasts your business’ name, number, email and website might sound unnecessary, but according to SEO industry leaders it can have a significant impact on your local Google ranking.

By attaching industry specific keywords to your listing, Google My Business will optimise your local marketing presence, include you in Google Maps searches, and give you the opportunity for deeper engagement with your clients through targeted content.

So how can you best take advantage of a Google My Business listing?

We’ve got a few tips for optimisation to get you started:

Local marketing

Purchasing traditional media like billboards and tv spots is something that is simply not financially viable for most small businesses looking to appeal to the local market on a budget.

Google Places offers a free alternative that improves local SEO rankings, includes businesses in industry specific map searches, and showcase images and information in the Google My Business listing itself. When it comes to local advertising on a budget, there truly is no better – or more valuable – place to start.

Google Maps

Having a Google My Business listing means that potential new clients can find you easily in Google Maps, which can be more valuable than many small businesses realise.

Not only can they find your exact location at will, but by attaching relevant keywords to your listing, people can proactively search for your business category and have you appear as a local provider – bringing you another source of lead traffic beyond simple SEO.


Google has introduced an interesting new content feature to their Google My Business listings. Posts are content pieces (up to 300 words) that appear under you GMB listing, giving businesses the opportunity for a deeper level of engagement with potential customers before they even click through to the website.

With seven different calls to action to choose from – including Book, Order Online, Learn More and Sign Up – you can customise posts and upload images in order to capture attention of potential clients and direct them to content specific web pages.

Long story short. Google My Business is a free yet overrated powerful service. Making it an absolute must-have for any small business who is looking for a way to validate their business to potential customers, and open themselves up to several different lead generation possibilities in doing so.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into your digital marketing strategy, you can download our free guide here for more tips and tricks to get your business’ online presence on point!

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