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3 Disruptive Trends to Watch Beyond 2018

Published 28 Jun, 2018 
Business Trends

Hear that? That’s the future, streaming its way into the present – fast. Disruption might be a buzzword, but if you’re not willing to listen (and adapt) to industry demands and changes, then your business faces an uphill battle. However, it’s not all bad news. Disruption can be a force for good, with those businesses and ideas that embrace the change usually punching a one-way ticket to the top.

So, in a world of uncertainty, the best way to safeguard your business is to keep on top of all disruptive trends as they come rolling in. Today, we’re discussing 3 of them.

1. Back Seat Drivers

They’ll be on the road sooner than you think. Now, if you’re excited about the prospect of installing a microwave into your new driverless car so you can make a hot breakfast on your morning commute – then great minds think alike. But there’s more to driverless cars than a breakfast burrito on the go. Think about the impact on insurers, car finance companies, and roadside assistance businesses when autonomous vehicles take over our roads. Plus, with cars just returning home instead of parking in the city, multi-story car parks face redundancy too. That’s a lot of unused, ideally located, space. Gets you thinking, doesn’t it.

2. A.I vs H.I

We’ve all heard horror stories about robots and computers taking our jobs. But it’s just a scary story, right? Well, not quite. There’s a fair amount of rumour around that speaks to artificial intelligence overtaking our intellectual capacity within the next 10 years. Talk about disruption! However, there are a few silver linings. Firstly, hiring a robot to do the ironing and dishes sounds pretty neat (before they eventually force a flip of roles and take over the house). And secondly, those of us in jobs or businesses where uniquely human traits like intuition, empathy and creativity are paramount, will thrive. Until, of course, the robots figure out how to love and then we’re all doomed.

3. Print your own shoes?

3D printing isn’t new. But as technology advances, so do the applications. Giving 3D printing a truly disruptive presence throughout any industry. Imagine printing a hammer on the worksite, instead of heading to the store. Or printing a shoe while your customer waits. In fact, New Balance Chief Executive Robert DeMartini has taken it a step further. Outlining a desire for people to print New Balance shoes in the comfort of their own home. It’s clear 3D printing is really changing the game, and in favour of the consumer too.

The future is just around the corner and as business owners, these are both worrisome and exciting times. Just remember, 3D printing, A.I and driverless cars are some of the disruptive trends that will impact your business in the coming years, but there’s many many more.

Keep on top of change, adapt where possible, and use your knowledge to be a part of the disruption.

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