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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… or is it?

Small business office Christmas parties often become more of a chore than a celebration. Poorly planned lunches, half baked themes and the same dreaded Mariah Carey tunes blaring in the background. So why do we do them?

The thing is, Christmas festivities if done well, have been proven to boost morale within the office. Not only is it the perfect excuse to celebrate the victories and toast the success of the year gone by, but it’s an opportunity to show the staff in your small business how much you value their contribution.

So, to help make it one to remember (for all the right reasons), we’re here to inspire a little bit of creative thinking for this Christmas season with our top picks of party themes that are just a little different, but promise to have your team giddy with excitement:

The Ugly Jumpers

Ah. A classic, and for good reason. We all have one. Sitting in the back of our closet, the gift that your Grandma genuinely thought you’d love…the most hideous Christmas themed jumper imaginable. Yet every year, there’s that one, glorious season where breaking them out of the closet becomes less of a fashion faux pas and more of a festive necessity.

An Ugly Christmas Jumpers themed party – dressing badly never looked so good.

The Movie Marathon

Australia is one of the lucky ones when it comes to Christmas. While the majority of the world is wrapped up in their winter woolies, we have BBQ friendly beach days ahead. With that in mind, why not use summer to your advantage? Everyone loves an outdoor cinema, especially when combined with the words “movie marathon”.

Find a venue that’s happy to load up all the Christmas greats, grab some drinks and a few snacks, and enjoy a balmy night of laughs with the likes of Love Actually and Elf.

The Amazing Race

Like any experience, your team will be infinitely more engaged with your Christmas festivities if there is an interactive (and competitive) element to the celebration. And what could be more interactive than an Amazing Race style scavenger hunt.

Offer hints, cue up some obstacles, and invent weird and wonderful challenges that every team has to overcome. It encourages teamwork, it’s fun, and (even better) it works up a hard earned thirst.

Planning an event where you can celebrate your success as a team is the cornerstone of any successful small business culture.

If you know your team deserves something special this year, but aren’t sure you’ve got the capital to fund it, we can help. The application process with Business Fuel is quick and painless, and you can access your funds within 48 hours.


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